Stationary and Shipborne Radiocommunications

The Radiocommunications Systems Division of Rohde & Schwarz is one of the leading global suppliers of professional radio equipment and systems for use in fixed and mobile ground stations, on board ships and in aircraft.

Embassies, government authorities and armed forces around the world are the users of these radiocommunications solutions. Turnkey communications are our business. Whether ground-to-air VHF and UHF equipment for clear ATC communications on route and during approach, landing and take-off. Or shortwave radio for intercontinental routes.

The HF/VHF/UHF communications systems from Rohde & Schwarz represent a revolutionary change, both technically and economically. They include a wide range of equipment: basic radio systems (receivers, transmitters and transceivers) and useful options, accessories and auxiliary equipment. Excellent specifications, careful system engineering, proven quality and convincing logistics and serviceability as part of our philosophy characterize the following products.

M3SR Series 4100 HF SDR

Picture R&S®M3SR Series4100 Software Defined RadiosR&S®M3SR Series4100 Software Defined Radios
HF radio family for stationary and shipborne communications

Series 2000 HF Radio Family

Picture R&S®EK2000 VLF-HF ReceiverR&S®EK2000 VLF-HF Receiver
For all modulation types used in military, government and civil radiocommunications
Picture R&S®XK2100L HF TransceiverR&S®XK2100L HF Transceiver
Picture R&S®XK2500L HF TransceiverR&S®XK2500L HF Transceiver
Picture R&S®XK2900L HF TransceiverR&S®XK2900L HF Transceiver

Series 4200 VHF/UHF SDR for ATC

Picture R&S®Series4200 Software Defined RadiosR&S®Series4200 Software Defined Radios
VHF/UHF radio family for ATC communications

M3SR Series 4400 VHF/UHF SDR

Picture R&S®M3SR Series4400 Software Defined RadiosR&S®M3SR Series4400 Software Defined Radios
VHF/UHF radio family for stationary and shipborne communications

System Components

Picture R&S®ADMC8 MulticouplerR&S®ADMC8 Multicoupler
Active UHF multicoupler for 8-port ATC signal distribution
Picture R&S®ATCMC8 Air Traffic Control MulticouplerR&S®ATCMC8 Air Traffic Control Multicoupler
Active 8-port VHF/UHF signal distribution
Picture R&S®ATCMC16 Air Traffic Control MulticouplerR&S®ATCMC16 Air Traffic Control Multicoupler
Active VHF/UHF multicoupler for 16-port ATC signal distribution
Picture R&S®GB4000T Control UnitR&S®GB4000T Control Unit
Controlling and monitaring of R&S®Series4200 radios
Picture R&S®GB4000V Audio UnitR&S®GB4000V Audio Unit
Remote audio operation
Picture R&S®M3SR FU221 VHF Automatic Filters and MulticouplersR&S®M3SR FU221 VHF Automatic Filters and Multicouplers
For stationary/shipborne radiocommunications
Picture R&S®M3SR FD221 UHF Automatic Filters and MulticouplersR&S®M3SR FD221 UHF Automatic Filters and Multicouplers
For stationary/shipborne radiocommunications
Picture R&S®M3SR FD213A UHF FiltersR&S®M3SR FD213A UHF Filters
Picture R&S®M3SR FT213A VHF/UHF FiltersR&S®M3SR FT213A VHF/UHF Filters
R&S®M3SR FU214A VHF Filters
Picture R&S®VK4150 Power Amplifiers (500 W)R&S®VK4150 Power Amplifiers (500 W)
Picture R&S®GV4000 Multi-Link ControllerR&S®GV4000 Multi-Link Controller
High-availability ATC radio system
Picture R&S®IN4150 Power SuppliesR&S®IN4150 Power Supplies
For 500 W transceiver system
Picture R&S®IN4190 Power SuppliesR&S®IN4190 Power Supplies
For 1000 W transceiver system
Picture R&S®FK4115M HF Antenna Tuning UnitR&S®FK4115M HF Antenna Tuning Unit
For matching HF transceivers of the R&S®M3SR Series 4100 to antennas used in naval and stationary applications
Picture R&S®GB4000C Remote Control UnitR&S®GB4000C Remote Control Unit
For controlling and monitoring R&S®M3SR software defined radios
Picture R&S®M3SR IN4000A External Power SupplyR&S®M3SR IN4000A External Power Supply
For shipborne and stationary applications
Picture R&S®KG4200 ATC System RackR&S®KG4200 ATC System Rack
Standard rack for R&S®Series4200 radios
Picture R&S®KG42-Z75 X-Cross AdapterR&S®KG42-Z75 X-Cross Adapter
For R&S®Series4200 radios with R&S®Fx22x automatic filters
Picture R&S®HS9043 VHF/UHF Cavity Antenna FilterR&S®HS9043 VHF/UHF Cavity Antenna Filter
For multiport filters or multicouplers
Picture R&S®KR420 Circulator Module/Frame R&S®KR420 Circulator Module/Frame
VHF/UHF circulator for the R&S®Series4200 radios
Picture R&S®GB899 Remote Control UnitR&S®GB899 Remote Control Unit
Picture R&S®GB2000 Remote Control Unit R&S®GB2000 Remote Control Unit
Remote control for detached operation
Picture R&S®GP2000 Remote Control ProcessorR&S®GP2000 Remote Control Processor
For upgrading radios to R&S Series 2000 standard or split-site control