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Seminar Title


R&S LTE Technology day





About the Seminar

Long Term Evolution (LTE), is clearly the fastest  adopted cellular technology, which is based on OFDMA and MIMO technologies.Learn about LTE-related radio procedures such as cell search, random access, resource allocation,  and channel estimation including channel structure and power control in LTE. Multiple antenna technology (MIMO) will be explained, plus its impact on the design of device and network architecture.



The Speakers


Mr. Reiner Stuhlfauth- LTE Training Expert.

Reiner Stuhlfauth is a professional trainer in R&S Test & Measurement Division based in Munich. Reiner offers training for R&S customers worldwide and for Rohde & Schwarz sales and application engineers. He teaches mobile communication technologies including GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, Bluetooth, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+ andLTE. He is also an instructor on the use of Rohde & Schwarz mobile communication testers and protocol testers (CMU200, CRTU-G, CRTU-W and CMW500).



Mr. Alvin Ding - Business Development Rohde & Schwarz

Alvin Ding has years of experience in the test & measurement industry, with extensive knowledge and focus on the latest and emerging technologies, such as high-speed serial data and RF. Alvin received his bachelor's degree with honors in electrical and electronics engineering (EEE) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.



Mr. Yingchao JIANG - Regional Business Development Manager

Yingchao has been working in the telco industry for more than 13 years, served in the various roles on both technical and commercial sector.  He joined Rohde-Schwarz HQ Singapore for the DPI product (IPOQUE a Rohde-Schwarz company) business development in the beginning of 2013. Prior to Rohde-schwarz, he worked in Alcatel, Tektronixcommunications, Astellia crossing this region. He has the expertise on the SS7,2G,3G,4G technology, very close to the new technology innovation in the market.



Mr. Albert Huang - Project Manager SwissQual

Albert Huang is a senior member of the SwissQual APAC team and has been involved in more than 30 projects in the APAC region to date. He trains SwissQual customers in the region across both Diversity and QualiPoc product families and has in-depth knowledge on end user experience testing for network operators.





0900 - 0930

Registration (with light refreshment)

30 mins

0930 - 1030

Motivation and overview of LTE --- Reiner
1.1 History and drives and updates of LTE network
1.2 Evolutions overview,
1.3 LTE Core Technology overview
1.4 LTE Architecture

60 mins

1030 - 1040

Tea break

10 mins

1040 - 1130

Introduction to the latest LTE Technology   
2.1 Introduction to the MIMO family
2.2 Latest MIMO in LTE

2.3 LTE Aggregation

2.4 LTE to Wi-Fi Offloading solution

50 mins

1130 - 1200

RTO Oscilloscope solution in LTE  
 3.1 Introduction the latest feature of RTO
 3.2 RTO-K11 IQ Mode and LTE Advanced 2x2 MIMO solution

30 mins

1200 - 1330

Lunch (Provided)

1 hr 30 mins

1330 - 1400

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for improved network and Customer Insight

 4.1 How to deal with application growth on networks?
 4.2 What is DPI, How does it work, & What can DPI do?

30 mins

1400 - 1530

LTE Parametric testing
 5.1 Mobile Transmitter Testing
 5.2 Mobile Receiver Testing
 5.3 Application testing
 5.4 MIMO test setup realization – One box inclusive of fading

 5.5 IOT testing

1 hr 30 mins

1530 - 1615

Network infrastructure testing & Drive test solution
 5.1 Deployment challenges
 5.2 Solutions

45 mins

1615 - 1630


15 mins